Easter Workshop

This week the foundation stage held their Easter workshop. Parents were invited to join their children to make an Easter hat. Everyone gathered in the dinner hall, selected the resources they wanted to use from a large selection and then set about making their creations.

There were lots of great hats created!

Video: You’re invited to our Swans Wedding…

This week we have learning about weddings. Today we had our very own Swan wedding. We started the week reading the Oxford Reading Tree book ‘The Wedding’ about Wilma who is asked to be a bridesmaid for her aunty Jo. We discussed the different roles that people at a wedding play. Children decided what role they would like to play and then we used the random name selector to pick who played each role.

Today we had a Bride, Groom, Bestman, Bridesmaids, a flower girl, a Ring Bearer, Parents of the Bride and Groom, a celebrant, a photographer, an organist and everyone else were the guests.

Once all the guests were seated we had a procession of the Wedding Party. First down the aisle was the celebrant. Followed by the Mum and Dad of the Groom, the Groom and the Bestman, the Ring Bearer and then the Mother of the bride. After the mother of the bride came the flower girl followed by the Bride and her Father and lastly came the Bridesmaids.

We held a simple service.

Followed by a photo session

Then we had a wedding reception with pretend champagne (apple juice and lemonade) where the bride and groom were toasted.

This was followed by the first dance.

Then the Wedding Party joined in.

Finally everyone joined in the dancing.

Finally the wedding reception was finished off with food and disco dancing!

Let’s go Shopping part 3…

This week our last group of ten children went off to Sainsburys with a list of ingredients to buy. The children decided what they wanted to make and made a shopping list. Then on Tuesday the ten Swans went by mini bus to Sainsburys to buy the healthy ingredients needed to make a cheesy pasta bake.

They looked around the supermarket at the different healthy and unhealthy foods. They found different numbers and tricky words on labels and signs around the shop. Then they found the ingredients needed.

The children payed for the goods at the self-checkout.

After buying their goods the children caught the number 50 bus back to school.

Once back at school the children shared their outing and what they had bought with the rest of the class.

Then the children that had been shopping grated the cheese, placed the pasta into the saucepan, poured the milk into the pan and added the sweetcorn.

Once the pasta bake was made Miss Jones spooned it into cups with a fork for everyone to try. Some of the children thought it was yummy, wanting seconds and others not so much!