Children’s Mental Health Week

Mental health Week
As part of the national Children’s Mental Health Week the Swans have been discussing what good mental health is, and if your mental health is not so good what could help.
‘Getting lots of fresh air makes you feel better’ Beaux
‘Eating healthy food makes you feel healthy’ Ollie S
‘Doing exercise gives you energy to feel better’ Kadi
‘Talking to a friend or adult is nice when your sad’ Poppy
We also created our own exercise routine to do if we are feeling low, the children learnt how breathing and doing yoga can improve your mental health. At the end of the week, we discussed and drew pictures of what makes us happy and how to stay focussed on them when we feel down.
Discovery time
This week the Swans have been focussing on applying the phase 2 sounds they have learnt and their numbers 6,7 and 8.

People Who Help Us

This week the Swans have been busy recapping all they know about People Who Help Us in our community. They have continued this theme into their busy time. They have all worked hard using their amazing reading skills to match the High Frequency Words.
They have painted some fantastic pictures of police, firefighters, and ambulances.
They have also worked their socks off in maths learning lots of new language about weight and capacity.
Well done Swans!


As part of our PSHE today the Swans had a fantastic circle time based on the PANTS Programme from the NSPCC. The children now understand and know all about how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they don’ feel safe. They particularly enjoyed the PANTosaurus song!

People Who Help Us

Swans have been hard at work creating and learning all about the police and firefighters this week. They have used them within the roleplay with their friends and worked together with the bricks to create these big police stations.
We have learnt all about how the police help us:
‘The police catch bad people and put them in prison’ Beaux
‘If you break the law, a set of rules, then you go to jail’ K’Mya
‘Police people help keep us safe’ Kadi

People Who Help Us

People Who Help Us 
For our topic of People Who Help Us, this week the Swans have focused on doctors and nurses. They have demonstrated how to be a good doctor or nurse within the roleplay and have been drawing and labelling their own pictures of ambulances.
Miss Coghlan was amazed at the children’s writing this week! They used their storymakers session to create and write their own stories with the characters being doctors or nurses.
The Swans have continued to work hard with their talk partners in maths, building on their knowledge of numbers within 5 and using this to demonstrate excellent understanding of composition and more/less.

Milk and Teeth

This week the Swans have been learning all about milk and how to keep their teeth healthy! They have learnt all about the benefits of drinking milk and how to keep our teeth healthy too!

We read the book ‘Oliver’s Milkshake’ and learnt that milk comes from cows. We watched a video clip of how to milk a cow and a few children had a go at trying to milk a rubber glove! We also watched another video clip showing how cows are milked today using a milking machine.

The remaining nine Swans enjoyed our last trip to Sainsbury’s to buy the fruit and milk needed to make our two milkshakes.

We made two different milk shakes, a banana milkshake and a strawberry and blackberry milk shake. As well as using milk the children also wanted to add ice cream. It was a fantastic idea! Both milk shakes were extra creamy and cold! The banana milk shake was the most popular amongst the children however, the adults preferred the strawberry and blackberry milkshake and we all agreed it would make an amazing frozen yoghurt!!!


To begin our week focussing on teeth we brainstormed together as a class what we use our teeth for, why it is important to keep our teeth healthy and how to keep our teeth healthy.

In Language for Thinking the Swans watched a short video clip demonstrating how to clean their teeth properly. The children then opened their Colgate teeth pack containing a tooth brush and tooth paste and every child had a chance to brush their teeth.

They did a fantastic job!

Many of our Discovery Time activities were based on teeth!

The children enjoyed brushing the white unifix cubes with toothpaste in the tuff tray!

In the other tuff tray the children had a great time pretending to floss the ice cube tray teeth using play dough and ribbon!

On the Maths table the children had to add the correct amount of teeth to each mouth.

The children were very good at sorting out the pictures of food that is good for our teeth and food that is bad for our teeth and can cause holes in our teeth or cavities!

On the play dough table the child made super pink lips and a mouth full of healthy teeth!


The children played a fun game on the Funky fingers table using the tweezers to remove the pom pom teeth.

Insert race to lose a tooth

In the sand tray the children placed the white unifix cubes in the ‘mouth’.

On the Workshop table the children enjoyed sticking the mini marshmallows in the card shaped mouths!

On the Writing table the children used their phonic knowledge, robotic arms and blending hands to write about how they keep their teeth healthy.

Well done Swans you have worked so hard on our Healthy Me topic! You deserve to have a Christmas Break and be back in January raring to go once again to work hard and continue to ‘knock our socks off!’


Christmas Workshop

Mrs Hill had a fantastic day on Thursday working with two groups of the Swans and their parents at our Christmas Workshop!

The children and their parents worked together to make and create a variety of Christmas activities and decorations. A fantastic time was had by all!

Thank you to all our parents who came along to support and work with their child.