This week we have begun learning about our eye sight. We discussed how we use our eyes to see and we talked about where we go to get our eyes checked. We set up an optician’s role play area outside and the children had great fun pretending to be the receptionist, the optician and the customer. The language the children used in the role play area has been amazing and they loved trying on different pairs of glasses.

Inside the classroom, having looked closely at the different parts of our eye, the children made eyes out of play dough.

The children also collaged eyes at the workshop table.

We have also read the story of ‘Elmer’ this week and we have discussed how we use our eyes to see colour. We have also discussed the importance of being different and how special and unique it can make us. In discovery time the children had fun building bridges. They built a bridge for Elmer to cross so that he didn’t get wet and wash his ‘greyness’ off.

The children have also explored colour mixing and they painted their own patchwork elephants! The children mixed the paints independently and they painted the patchwork very carefully as well.

The children have also painted Elmer on the computers. They created Elmer’s of all different colours and patterns. They are very independent on the computers and they are becoming very skilled at using the mouse to select and drag.

In Maths the children have been learning about the number 2. They explored making patterns of 2 in discovery time and in our maths stop session they were introduced to the part, part, whole model. Miss Proctor was very impressed with the children.

In Phonics we are learning our letters. The children are enjoying reading and writing the sounds we have learnt and they are beginning to segment and blend some VC and CVC words!

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