Our skeletal System

This week the children wanted to learn about our bones so we have explored and learnt all about our skeletal system. We began the week by making a skeleton using the children as bones. We specifically learnt the names of our skull, our spine, our ribs and our pelvis. We also discussed the bones in our arms, legs, hands and feet.

In discovery time some children placed bones on top of their friend’s body, some children lay the bones inside cut outs of their friends, some children built large scale skeletons using the blue bricks outside and some children made bones using the construction materials, sticks and stones.

The children also chose to make skeletons out of play dough.

Other children chose to make skeletons at the workshop table using a variety of self-chosen materials.

Our Maths chilli challenge this week was to sort the characters from our story ‘Funny Bones’ into size order. Some children were very good at using comparative language to discuss their ‘Funny Bone’ character’s size!

And lots of children were amazing at painting our skeletal system. Throughout the week the children’s confidence in using technical vocabulary when discussing which bones they have painted, made or created has grown considerably. Well done Swans!

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