This week our theme has been all about toys. We discussed the new toys the children had received and other toys that were their favourites. Children were encouraged to write about their toy.

We have also painted pictures of toys which we are hoping to display in the corridor. These included a teddy bear, a toy soldier and a baby doll.

Other activities children have been involved in are looking to see how some toys work, using language such as push, pull, twist, turn, spin.

Making toys at the creation station such as toy cars, robots and puppets.

We have set up a mini shop where children were exploring money as they bought toys that were for sale. We intend to improve on this and have a shop running throughout the year selling different things linked to our themes.

Children have also made split pin teddies, played games on the ipad, organised the numbered toys into sequential order and looked to see which toys floated or sank in the water tray.

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