Inside Our Bodies

This week we have been looking at the inside of our bodies.

We used the story ‘Funny Bones’ to introduce the topic and look at skeletons.

We talked about what our skeleton does and how we can see our bones through an xray.

Children were involved lots of different activities through the week to reflect our topic that included creating skeletons at the creation station.

They used paint, chalk and pastels to draw skeletons at the art and observational drawing stations.

On the writing table we filled in the speech bubbles of the Funny Bone characters to say what we thought the characters might be saying at different parts of the story.

We also measured bones using cubes and put them in size order and counted/added up bones to find a total.

We looked at a short clip about our respiratory system and then we made our own respiratory system using two bags for the lungs and two straws for the windpipe. We talked about how we breathe in oxygenated air and breathe out air containing carbon dioxide.

Wow what a busy week we’ve had.

On Muddy Monday we even went out in the rain.

We also had P.E

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