A Sense of Sight

This week our focus has been all about our sense of sight. We started off the week by going in to the forest school and using our eyes to observe the world around us and see what we could see in nature. The children were encouraged to draw pictures of their findings and label their drawings with their think writing. We were looking at colours, shapes, sizes and amounts.

Our focus stories for the week to link to our topic were ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear what do you see?’ and ‘Elmer’. Both books looked at colour which gave us the opportunity to do some colour mixing with the paints and investigate transparent colours on the light table.

We have graphed our eye colours as a class, counted eyeballs (bouncy balls) made glasses, binoculars and magnifying glasses.

We had eye spy activities available as well as colour matching and sorting games.
We set up an opticians in the roleplay which has been very popular and been a great way to introduce new language to the children.

Children have been encouraged to retell and act out the story of Elmer and use the language from Brown Bear, Brown Bear to create their own stories such as, Giant Wolf, Giant Wolf what do you see?

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