Learning about sight

This week we have been learning about our sense of sight. We have been learning all about our eyes and we have been thinking about what it would be like to not see. Outside we tried walking around obstacles with a blindfold on. It was very tricky even with a friend helping and guiding us!

We have been looking closely at our eyes. We tried hard to draw our pupils, our iris, our eye lids and our eye lashes. We also made eyes out of play dough. Can you see all the different parts of our eyes?

The children had great fun making and decorating their own glasses. They wore them proudly all around the classroom! Some glasses were made from stickle bricks.


Some glasses were beautifully decorated with sequins, feathers, straw and buttons. Which glasses are your favourite?

We have also set up an Opticians role play. The children loved testing each other’s eyes. They really enjoyed being the optician and the customer. Not surprisingly they all wanted glasses at the end of their visit! The children were super and the quality of language that was being used in the role play area was lovely.

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