Germs and Nasties

This week the children have been learning the importance of keeping clean. They have been learning all about ‘Germs and Nasties’ through the story ‘I don’t want to wash my hands!’ The children have been examining magnified pictures of germs and nasties and replicating them on the IWB and in our pretend germ inspired sand.

The children have also been very creative on the workshop table. They have been collaging germ infested hands!

Outside the children have been washing babies and discussing the importance of hygiene. Even at the snack table they have been reminding each other to wash their hands so that the germs and nasties do not give them tummy ache!

The children have also been drawing portraits of themselves. They have been examining their clean faces and studying their facial features in mirrors.

The children have also made faces out of playdough. Some of their play dough faces are very detailed!

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