In music this week Swans have been practicing how to keep the tempo and beat in a song. It was very difficult as there was so much to hear in ‘ The Big Bear Funk’ song. The children had to clap and tap their knees to the beat and keep it going throughout the whole of the song, it was very tiring but they did amazing and kept it going through out.
The children then played a game of identify the instrument by the sound. They had to close their eyes and listen carefully. They then got to perform ‘Big Bear Funk themselves in front of their friends.
Swans have continued with their Plant topic this week, they have bee very busy indeed.
In Language for Thinking on Friday the children re-capped all of the things that they have learnt over the last 2 weeks.
They have learnt all about the life cycle of a plant and have been able to show their knowledge write  by sequencing the life cycle independently on the fine motor skills table.
On the busy table, they have been using their senses to investigate how a plant grows, touching, feeling and smelling the parts of the plant, soil and seeds.
Khaleel “The soil has a funny smell.”
Ari-Ray “The seeds are smooth.”
Sureyah “The leaves are tickly to touch and the roots look like spaghetti.”
Using laptops the children have designed their own flower vase, they have used different shapes, colours and patterns to do this.
Enjoy the holidays Swans, stay safe and we all look forward to seeing you when we return.

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