Swans have started a new topic this week – all about plants.
In our Talk for Writing lessons, Swans have learnt about and identified different parts of the plant: roots, stem, leaves, flower and petals. They have learnt that, like humans, plants need food and water to grow and survive along with sunshine.
In Discovery Time the children have all had a chance to investigate how a plant grows from a seed.  They have used their hands to feel and find all the different parts of the plant and independently identified the parts.
They have shown their artistic skills with some very beautiful still life drawings of flowers in a vase. They have also played matching games on the maths table where they have matched the correct amount of plants to the  number on the pots.
On the writing table Swans have been using their phonics to write some amazing sentences about flowers.
Some of the children have helped Miss Potter with weeding and planting new strawberry plants in our strawberry patch. We are looking forward to tasting the strawberries once they grow. They have now been set the task of looking after the patch each day and will be taking it in turns to water and weed it.
Swans have been amazing in maths this week learning their numbers up to 20. They have learnt what the numbers look like, can write them correctly and can identify one below and one above which can be very tricky but they have not given up and can to this confidently now. Well done Swans!

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