Road to Paris

This week Bells Farm children were invited to discover all about The Paralympics.
We were lucky enough to have some sports coaches from Aspire come in and show the children different types of sporting activities that can be found in the Paralympics.
Swans got to learn all about wheelchair racing and wheelchair basketball. They were shown how the wheelchairs work and a few of the children were lucky enough to experience trying to navigate the wheel chair.
They played blind football and learnt how to use their hearing senses by having a bell in the ball which had to listen out for. They also tried Boccia, boxing and long jump where they worked with a partner who guided them.
The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
 ‘It was the best ‘ Carter
‘ It was really hard but I didn’t give up!’   Yoel
‘ The Paralympians are really brave to do this’  Jasmine.
‘ I really enjoyed having a go in the wheelchair even though it was really hard to move around in it’ Ayla

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