More Transport!

Because there is so much to learn about transport, Reception spent another week on this topic. From learning about environments where specific vehicles are used, to creating a car wash. Our discovery time allows the children to learn and apply their learning at their own pace.

Within our classroom there are 4 relevant topic areas: 

Table 1 is a writing table. The children must apply what they’ve learnt in phonics and write sentences about what transport they can see. This ensures they are using capital letters and full stops correctly. 

Table 2 is a maths table. Children place different vehicles to the number and trace the number they’ve counted. This ensures they are showing that they know the correct place value. 

Table 3 is a labelling activity. Children label where the vehicle belongs. For example, the purpose of the vehicle (submarine functions in water).

Table 4 is a creative activity. Children are given an outline of a car, bus, or plane. They paint the vehicles any colour they want. They really enjoyed doing this! 

Our outdoor area is an extension of our indoor area, so the topic focus remains the same. 

We had templates of vehicles for students to colour and construction games so they could build different vehicles. 

The children loved making a car wash, they cleaned all the scooters and bikes. It was great to see that they really enjoyed being physically involved with this activity. This sparked their interest to also build a bus out of the blue construction blocks. 

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