Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

The Naughty Bus tells the adventures of the little red London bus. The words are spoken by the bus, but it’s the child’s imagination, and the photos that show us what is happening. The children listened attentively to the story, then looked at the photographs and discussed the adventures of the naughty bus.
Who gave the present and who was receiving it?
“It’s his dad” said Carter
“It might be his grandad” said Gwen
Why did he get a present?
“It might be his birthday” said Tommie
“Or it could be a Christmas present” said Lucy
How did the people feel when the Naught Bus drove pass them at the bus stop?
“Angry” said Charlie
“Upset” said Harry.
We also used adjectives to describe some of the photos, which the children were really good at. Well done Swans!

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