The children in Swans class have started a new topic this week: Transport. We have been very busy learning all sorts of facts and information about our new topic.
At the beginning of the week the children were asked what different types of transport that they knew, who would use them and where and why we use them? They have applied their knowledge of transport to different subjects and tasks throughout the week in class.
They have used their counting skills to play I Spy and identify how many of each of the types of transport they can see.
Phonics and reading:
The children have been using their phonics to help write sentences about the different types of transport and in ERIC they have been sharing books with their partners all about transport and stories about vehicles.
As a special treat, the Swans were invited to visit the Transport Museum in Wythall on Thursday where they had the most amazing day! The children got to see and learn all about different types of transport from the past.
They went on a journey on an old fashioned double decker bus, had a ride on a miniature steam train and  sat on a fire engine and rang the bell. Miss Coghlan, Mrs Sargant and some of the children also got to dress up as milkmaids. All the children said it was ‘the best day ever.’

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