Why Talk Pants?

Today Miss Coghlan discussed with the children using the PANTS program to help children understand their body belongs to them, and that they understand that it’s safe to tell an adult they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.
PANTS  helps children understand that they can say NO and if they need to speak about something, there is ALWAYS an adult to listen.
The children were all able to share with the class the adults that they can trust:
their  parents, their teachers, Miss Williams, Miss Johnson, Miss Hackett and Mr. Ball .
We listened to the Pantosaurus song which the children really enjoyed listening too and were still singing  it after the lesson. You can watch and sing this together at home! https://youtu.be/_SzbMEVYiyg
They were also told the phone number that they can ring if they need too. 0800 1111

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