All About Me

This week the Swans have continued their theme of all about me. During Language for Thinking time, they have discussed who lives in their house and their families, and even created playdoh pictures of their families.
They all focussed on the Colour Monster story for their Talk for Writing. The children were able to match verbally the correct label the different coloured monsters with the correct emotions. They did a great job recreating the different emotions with their partners. And finally at the end of the week they were able to draw their own colour monsters. We also have had a great time learning about being a good friend. We created a friendship band for our own talk partners too!
At the end of our busy week, we finished off with our PANTS lesson. Within this lesson the children learnt a very catchy but important song about consent and about feeling safe. They also learnt who they can talk to if they feel unsafe within school and outside school.

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