Goldilocks and the Three Bears

This Week the Swans have continued learning about the Fairy Tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
In our ‘Talk for Writing ‘lesson on Monday the children sat in their family groups and looked at a picture of each character in the story and thought about what each of them might be saying. The children came up with some fantastic ideas which they then put into practice in their writing task during Discovery Time.
On Monday afternoon the Swans tasted three bowls of porridge and had to decide if it was Daddy Bear’s, Mummy Bear’s or Baby Bear’s. The children didn’t know which one they would be tasting, so they were very brave to just ‘have a go’.  They decided one bowl tasted sweet, one salty and the last one just right! Well done Swans!
 In our maths Lessons this week we have been working on Positional Language such as on, under, above, behind, between, in front of and next to. Firstly the children needed to work with their Talk Partners to position their soft toy correctly. They then played a barrier game to make a tower using a variety of different resources using their amazing listening skills and ability to follow instructions. Finally they individually had to draw pictures using Positional Language. This is a difficult concept and you completed this task brilliantly !!!
Our Discovery Activity tables had a Goldilocks and the Three Bears theme once again.
The children made maps, bowls and spoons for the three bears with the play dough, wrote speech bubbles for the different characters in the story, counted pictures from the story and consolidated their adding and subtracting skills on the maths table.
Once again a very busy week and you have worked really hard!
Well done Swans!

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