Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Swans have been very busy this week learning all about the story of the Three Bears. Lots of the children already knew this story and they enjoyed retelling it during ‘Talk for Writing’. They learnt the song ‘When Goldilocks went to the house of the Bears’ using actions to go with it.
Swans enjoyed completing the activities on the tables with our Fairy Tale theme. We expect the children to complete two activities before they earn a silver card and four before they earn a gold card. The activities are also more challenging as we prepare the children for Year One but they have amazed us once again this week with their levels of knowledge ad using all their ‘behaviours for learning ‘ to successfully complete each task.
Our activities this week have been: writing a sorry letter to Baby Bear, using the ‘Compare Bears’ to play a game using a dice,  sequencing and comparing the weight between them and dry porridge, using a variety of resources to make a bear’s face, making play dough bears and decorating them and a ‘cut and stick’ activity adding toppings to three bowls of porridge and writing a sentence underneath.
In maths the children have been exploring the concept of sharing a number of objects into groups so that each group is equal. This is quite a difficult concept but Swans have taken it in their stride, not only using counters, whiteboards and pens to show this with their talk partners but also using themselves as the counters and the hoops as the groups .
Well done Swans!
Happy Eid to all Swans celebrating this important festival this week. The children took a bag of sweets home with them from one of our families and we remembered to say ‘Thank you’.
Our Strawberry Patch has produced lots of fruit this week! The children have enjoyed picking and eating the fruits of their labours!
Keep up all the hard work Swans and see you next week!

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