We started our first week back with a check-in to see what the children did during their holidays and to discuss how they were feeling about things. The children were able to tell our emotion monsters one thing that made them happy in the holidays:
‘I went to the park and had an ice cream’ Evin
‘I went on a plane’ Tyler. W
‘I got to have a sleep over at nanny’s’ Beaux
They also did a great job sharing one thing they didn’t like about the holidays:
‘I didn’t like it when I fell over’ Poppy
‘I didn’t like that I didn’t see my friends’ Ollie. S
‘I didn’t like it when it rained because we had to stay at home’ Kadi
For this next half term Swans will be learning about transport. We started the week by reading the amazing book Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke. The children loved the story so much that we continued to do lots of different task to build on the story within our language for thinking time. Elsewhere in the classroom and outdoors, the children demonstrated their learning from our maths session about ‘first, then and now’ by building their own addition stories using a bus. They used their fantastic writing skills to label buses and creativity to create their own buses using the blue bricks outside.

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