This week we have continued to learn about Minibeasts and we have focused upon ladybirds. We began the week by reading the stories ‘The Bad Tempered Ladybird’ and ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’ The children loved the stories and they have been finding ladybirds in our outdoor area all week!

In the classroom some children chose to explore the life cycle of a ladybird. They watched a video on YouTube and then they cut out the life cycle stages of a ladybird. The children then sequenced the life cycle pictures. It was very interesting to learn that the larvae goes into a pupa just like a caterpillar!

Lots of children chose to paint their own ladybirds. Each ladybird is unique in its own way. Did you know that ladybirds can have up to 20 spots?

Lots of children also chose to make ladybirds out of play dough as well. The children were great stickosaurus’. They chose their own resources and decided upon how many spots their ladybird was going to have. Did you know ladybirds have six legs and the most common type of ladybird has seven spots?

The children also made ladybirds at the creative table. We love how the children all made ladybirds but each one is so different. The children have been great thinkodactyls and solveosaurus’. It was very tricky to make the ladybirds and it needed a lot of perseverance!

At the Maths table there were lots of different activities taking place. Some children used the ladybird as a part, part, whole model which they then used to create and solve their own addition calculations. Other children ordered ladybirds from 1-20 and some children used the spots on dominoes to find different compositions of numbers. This required the children to use their problem solving skills!


Lots of children chose to draw ladybirds or play the sequencing and ordering ladybird games on the computer. Once again the children were developing their mathematical language of smallest and largest.

The children have also been super independent writers this week. They have used their phonic knowledge to write some fantastic sentences about ladybirds. Their writing is amazing! Well done Swans.

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