This week we have continued to learn about Minibeasts and we have focused upon worms. We began the week by reading the story ‘Super Worm.’ The children loved the story and they have also enjoyed learning about the common earth worm. In class we suddenly had a worm infestation! The children made worms by threading pasta onto wool and by threading small beads onto pipe cleaners. This required the children to have good hand eye co-ordination and they were definitely stickosaurus’ as it took a lot of time and patience to complete. The children have also used a mixture of everyday and mathematical language throughout the week to describe and compare the lengths of the worms that they had made.

Lots of children chose to make worms out of play dough as well. This was quite a tricky task as it was difficult to roll out even shaped worms. The children made worms of different lengths and compared them to each other and to the printed worms on the table. They also spent time adding in the segments and the hairs onto their worms. Some children even added on the worm’s saddle!

The children also made worms at the creative table. They enjoyed finger printing worms of different lengths!

At the Maths table there were lots of different activities taking place. Some children found worms of different lengths and ordered them from shortest to longest. Other children sorted worms according to their own criteria. Some children paired up worm number bonds to 10 and some children even made worms out of construction and tried to make the worms as long as themselves!

Lots of children chose to draw worms on the iPads or on the computers. The children were great artists as they really paid attention to detail in the drawings of their worms.

The children have also been super independent writers this week. They have used their phonic knowledge to write some fantastic sentences about worms. Their writing is amazing! Well done Swan

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