This week we have begun our Minibeast topic. We read the story ‘Aaaarrgghh Spider!’ The children loved the story. Their favourite part was when the spider invited all of his spider friends round to the house! The children have become fascinated with spiders. We have watched some fun fact videos and the children are becoming very knowledgeable about spiders. Lots of children chose to write some of the amazing facts that they have learnt this week about spiders onto spider paper! They used their phonic knowledge very carefully.

The children have really enjoyed singing spider songs as well! They have used picture cards and the water tray to re-enact the ‘Incy Wincy Spider’ Nursery rhyme.

Some children chose to draw spiders using the pastel chalks whilst other children chose to draw spiders on the computers.

Lots of children chose to solve addition sums using spider counters and the counting on method. Some children even managed to be fabulous solveosaurus.’ They were able to independently solve different addition and subtraction number sentences and then they matched each number sentence peg to the correct answer on a spider. Wow!

The children have also learnt about the life cycle of a spider this week. Did you know baby spiders are called spiderlings?

The children have also made some fantastic play dough spiders. Each spider has eight hairy legs! Can you see the hairs? Did you know that spiders can have up to eight eyes as well?

Not all spiders spin webs either. The children have learnt that whilst some spiders are really good at making webs other spiders are really good at jumping and some spiders like to hide under rocks and logs! The children had to concentrate very hard to make their woven webs this week. What a fabulous spider fun filled week we have had!


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