The Magic Porridge Pot

This week we have continued our topic on Measures by reading the story ‘The Magic Porridge Pot.’

The children had great fun playing with porridge oats in lots of different ways! (Not sure Mrs Boyson enjoyed the clearing up quite so much!)

Some children chose to weigh porridge. The children had to be a tryceratops as it took a lot of patience to weigh the porridge with accuracy. It was also quite tricky to make sure that the balance scales were balanced. Other children chose to explore capacity by pouring, filling, emptying and transferring porridge oats between different sized pots and containers. They were all great explorosaurus’.

Some children chose to paint with a solution of paint and oats! They had to concentrate hard to paint the different characters from the story with such care and control.

Some children chose to make porridge pots of their own using play dough. The children were set the challenge of making three different sized pots. They had to make sure their pots were bowl shaped so that they could fill their pots with porridge. The children were also able to use mathematical language to describe the sizes of their pots and the quantity of porridge oats that each pot held.

Lots of children chose to make stick puppets of the characters from ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ story and they also used their phonic knowledge to write speech bubbles for each character.

Some children also chose to use their phonic knowledge to write some fantastic stories and sentences about ‘The Magic Porridge Pot.’ The children were great stickosaurus’ and thinkodactyls and their writing is amazing!

The children have also really enjoyed solving the ‘Magic Porridge Pot’ addition sums. We have been learning how to add numbers together using the counting on method in Maths. The children applied this knowledge to this ‘Magic Porridge Pot’ addition activity. They were able to put one number in their head and count on in order to find the answer to the different sums. Very impressive! Well done Swans.






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