The Elves and the Shoemaker

This week we have continued our topic on Measures by reading the story ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker.’ The children have been developing their vocabulary this week and have learnt alternative words for small such as teeny, tiny, weeny, minute, tiny, titchy, little etc.

The children were set a challenge read some teeny weeny words. They had to use magnifying glasses to enlarge the teeny tiny words on the creative table. The children then wrote down the words and read the words to an adult.

Having listened to the story the children were very keen to become shoemakers themselves. They had to be a stickosaurus, a thinkodactyl, a tryceratops and a candoceratops in order to become a solveosaurus and a proudosaurus! The shoes were all independently made and each one totally unique. The children also really enjoyed trying on their new shoes

Lots of children chose to measure their own feet. They then used non-standard measurements such as cubes to measure how long their feet were!

Lots of children also chose to weigh shoes. The children had to be a tryceratops as it took a lot of patience to weigh the shoes with accuracy. It was also quite tricky to make sure that the balance scales were balanced.

Some children also demonstrated great perseverance when they challenged themselves to sew a running stitch around some cut out shoe templates.

Lots of children wanted to pretend to be the shoemaker and his wife. They wanted to write a note back to the elves thanking them for making them such beautiful shoes. The notes that the children wrote had to be teeny tiny! This was quite a challenge!

Lots of children also completed this weeks’ hot task which was to choose some elf addition sums and to solve the calculations using either a part, part, whole model, a tens frame or the first, then and now model which encourages the children to use the counting on method.

Another busy week in Reception!

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  1. What a busy week you’ve had Swans! I love the shoes you made… I think I’d like a pair of those. I was also very impressed with your writing. Well done everyone!

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