Monthly Archives: March 2024

The Great Outdoors

There was another fun adventure for our Swans this week, as they went exploring into the woods to find their minibeasts! They got kitted out before setting off.
In the forest they enjoyed turning over logs and rocks to find the minibeasts . Some found slugs, others found worms and beetles. They used  different equipment which they had taken with them to the forest ( jars, magnifying glass, spades etc.) to explore the soil, the grass, the bark and leaves on the trees.
Swans are becoming more independent  and confident whilst they’re in the woodland using  their senses as they go.

Book Breakfast

We had a lovely morning at our Book Breakfast workshop on Monday with Miss Coghlan.
We were delighted to see so many  parents join us and the children really loved it .
We had very positive feedback from everyone and we were pleased that you all found it helpful. There was lots of good ideas and strategies to help you with your child reading at home so we would just like to say a very big thank you for your continued support!

 Forest School Adventure 

Our Swans enjoyed putting on their welly boots and coats to go forest school this week. The weather was dry and sunny and the children were very keen to go searching for items such as twigs, moss, leaves and  rocks to build habitats for their minibeasts.
There were lots of little conversations going on between groups of children! Some were saying how much they love it in the forest, while others were saying that they didn’t mind getting muddy.

All children were very confident and were very excited to be exploring the outdoors.

Exploring Space

The book we are reading for our topic is  ‘Here We Are‘  by Oliver Jeffers.
For the next couple of weeks our Swans will be  exploring space, they are pretending to travel round space in a rocket in our role play area and they have also enjoyed creating rockets using junk modelling. They will  be learning lots of facts about space and the astronauts that travelled into space.
What planet do we live on?  EARTH
They learned this week, that planet Earth is made up of land and water. We have animals, plants and humans living on this planet and this makes it different to all the other planets. It takes the earth  365 days to travel round the sun and 366 days in a leap year. This year is a leap year!
It is one of the eight planets in the solar system, the others planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Each planet has a different colour and size.
The children are really enjoying this topic!

Money Matters

We had a lady called Sandra from HSBC bank come to visit our Swans class today. She asked the children if they  knew what a bank is?  Carter was very quick to answer “That’s where you go to get money.”
She brought a lovely book to share with the children called ‘Fairer Tales‘ by Emma Raducano. It was a bit different to the fairy tale stories that they’ve heard before. The children with very interested in the story and were very keen to participate in answering any questions Sandra asked.  The moral of the story was that the princesses didn’t need a prince to save them. They set up their own businesses, saved their money and spent it very wisely. A quote from the book  ‘You have everything you need for success and happiness right inside of you,’.
The children shared lots of ideas of what jobs people do, here are a few:
Ayla said “builder”,
Jesutomisin said “writer”,
Jasmine said “doctor/Dentist”,
Albi said “engineer” (metal)
Leo said “ambulance driver”
Sandra then asked the children what would their dream house be like?
Khaleel said “I would have a water slide in mine.”
Marty said “I’d have a Spiderman room in mine”
Oliver said ” I would have sweet and chocolate room in mine “