Monthly Archives: February 2024

Chinese New Year 2024 – The Year of the Dragon    

The swans are enjoying celebrating Chinese New Year and finding out lots of information about the Chinese traditions and how they celebrate it. We also listened to how they get ready for the festival and these are a few of the traditions the children remembered:
“Before the new year begins they clean their homes and this gets rid of bad luck”   (Tommie)
” They put up decorations, this means good luck”  (Kady)
“They wear new clothes which means a fresh start” (Albi)
“Each Year is named after an animal and this is the year of the Dragon”  (Tee)
“The children get money in a red envelope”  (Evie)
“They use chop sticks” (Oliver)
” They have a party at the end and eat lots of foods” (Gwen)
There are many fun activities for our swans to enjoy.
They have tried writing their names in Chinese writing – which is amazing! They used their cutting skills to create a 2D Chinese dragon and create spiral Chinese dragons. They also made great use of their phonics to label all the animals for each Chinese year.

Safer Internet Day 6th February 2024

This afternoon Mr Lo had an assembly about how to stay safe when you’re online.
In class the children listened to a story about Mo and Jaz’s experience while using the internet. They showed a good knowledge of what they should do if they are unhappy with anything that they are watching  whilst being online. They also created internet safety posters. Well done Swans. 👏👏

Dentists – Keeping our Teeth Healthy

As our Swans continue to learn about people who help us, this week they are finding out  about dentists and keeping their teeth healthy. Our teeth need to last a life time so we need to look after them!
How do we do that? 
  1. We need to brush our teeth for at least two minutes twice a day using toothpaste which helps to keep our teeth strong and healthy.
  2. We should go to the dentist at least every 6 months for a check up.
  3. We should eat healthily and drink milk and water.

In the role play, the children use the dental equipment to mend the damaged teeth and then polish them, whilst others sequenced

events of how to brush your teeth.

In English, we’re reading the book called ‘Alan’s Big Scary Teeth’ by Jarvis
Alan the alligator is known for his big scary teeth, but he has a big secret!!
The children are recalling events of this story by doing actions and learning how Alan discovers a new way to fit in, when his secret is out.
They loved this book and found it very funny.