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Characteristics of Effective Learning

On Thursday, Miss Coghlan introduced the Swans to perseverance through some fun challenges! The children enjoyed a story to start – Tilda Tries Again and talked about what Tilda learned in the story. They then split into groups to try and apply their own perseverance skills.

One group tried to pass a hoop around the circle

without breaking hands and the other hand to transfer a beanbag into a hoop without using their hands! The challenges were very difficult but Swans were excellent at encouraging each other AND persevering!


Miss Williams was in Reception class for the afternoon and thought Swans were a shining example of how to persevere! WELL DONE SWANS!

Maths – Heavier/ Lighter

The children have been using weighing scales to explore weight and compare mass using a range of object from around the classroom. They also learned that an object can be heavier even if it looks smaller and the mass of 2 objects might be equal to each other. They all enjoyed working with their partners, helping each other to use the scales accurately to complete the activity.

Phonics Shed  

The children have being working very hard learning their sounds and letter names since September. They now know most chapter 2 phonemes/graphemes and are able to say and blend to read a whole word.
This week we are learning alphabetical order and the formation of capital letters. Great work everyone.👍

Doctors & Nurses

The children are having lots of fun taking on the role of doctors and nurses, they use lots of different machines and equipment. They check all the patients injuries and try and fix them. They are all very caring and use lots of caring language.
“I will help you,” said Tommie.
“I can hear your heart,” said Archie.
” I can help,” said Oliver.
“Your arm is broken, I will put this on it,” said Lucy (holding a bandage).0
Alya is enjoying looking at a book about the human body, while Kady is playing the role of being the hospital receptionist.
There are lots of fun activities for the children to take part in.

People Who Help Us – Firefighters

Who can help us if there is a fire?

The children are learning about fire fighters, and how their role is important for keeping us all safe if there was a fire.

The children have been very excited dressing up in the role play in the special clothing firefighters wear to arrive at the scene in their fire trucks and use big hoses to put out the flames.

The children have been drawing lovely pictures of fire trucks.

They all know fire is dangerous, no matter how big or small.

People Who Help Us – Police

This week we are learning about police and how important the work they do is to keep everyone safe.
The children are enjoying the role play, dressing up and acting out the role of a police officer. They love finding the ‘baddies’ and taking them to the police station in a police car which they have built using the large bricks in our outdoor area.
Using their cutting skills they have made police cars which they were very proud of.
They also love drawing the police vehicles and labelling it.
Well done everyone!!