Monthly Archives: December 2023

Christmas Celebrations

As part of our Celebrations unit, Swans have learnt about how Christmas is celebrated in other countries – as well as in each other’s houses. We have learnt about how Christmas is different in the past compared to the present. In addition, the children have enjoyed doing lots of Christmas based learning, particularly in the roleplay area dressing up as elves!
The children have LOVED choosing a book daily from the Advent Book Tree and are super excited to read them during ERIC time in the New Year.
We have now finished our very long term with our fantastic Christmas production and class disco. I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and thank you for all of your continued support.


Over the last two weeks the children have learnt all about how people of different faiths celebrate. The children learnt how birthdays are celebrated in different countries and why they are celebrated.
Alongside this, the children learnt Kipper’s Birthday story as part of our Talk for Writing and produced some amazing writing pieces.
At the end of the week we taught the children how birthdays are celebrated in the UK by throwing a party for Kipper’s birthday. We had a wonderful time!