Monthly Archives: October 2023


This week the children have enjoyed learning and celebrating Diwali. The swans have created their own Rangoli patterns, shared Diwali cards they have written, designed their own Mendi, matched in maths and especially loved learning Diwali dancing with instruments and dance scarves.

All About Me

For the final week of this topic the Swans have been learning about their senses. They have been on listening walks to use their hearing, learnt how to identify different smells using their nose, sorted different materials using touch, played I Spy to learn about sight and finished with a taste test to identify sour, sweet, bitter and salty foods.
As part of our Charanga programme, the children have been focusing on learning Nursery Rhymes and singing them in tune. Here are a few doing a great job!

Week Commencing 2nd October

This week the Swans class have worked really hard on building up their fine motor skills in Phonics. The children used their activity listening to follow the instructions to create different patterns.
In maths sessions the children have been working together to sort objects. The children have learnt to sort in variety of different ways including by colour, shape and size.
Every week the Swans learn a new poem through Poetry Basket. Here are the children reciting the poem from this week called Five Little Pumpkins. They did a great job!