Monthly Archives: April 2023


Our Swans have been reading the Naughty Bus Book written by Jan & Jerry Oke. Its is a lovely book with lots of photos and text telling us all about the adventures of a little London bus. 
The children have being using transport to continue their learning in maths by counting and recognising numbers within 20.
 On the Work shop table the children have made junk models of their favourite transport using old cardboard boxes, paper and plastic bottle tops. On the play dough table the children made fantastic cars and helicopters, rolling the play dough into ‘sausages’ and making the outline of each one.


This week our swans are learning all about plants, the different parts of a plants and what they need to survive. We are learning about the roots, stem, leaves, flowers and seeds. We will find out how each of these parts function and help the plant to grow and eventually create new plants.
The children are enjoying this topic and are keen to get planting some seeds using all the resources provided. They have done some lovely pictures of flowers and took part in all the activities in the classroom related to plants.

The Easter Story

This week our Swans have being learning all about Easter. They have watched the story about all the events that led up to Easter Sunday and then they sequenced the story as a group. They were very interested in this lesson and asked lots of questions. Some children were amazed that it was not all about chocolate eggs!
It’s been a fantastic term and the children are enjoying their time and their learning. Wishing you all a very happy  Easter Holiday and STAY SAFE.


This week we have been continuing our learning about minibeasts. The Swans went on a minibeasts hunt on Muddy Monday. They loved searching for minibeasts under rocks and logs, on the tree trunks and in the mud. We have also continued making bug puppets where they used their fine motor skills to cut out the bugs and stick them on the sticks. They have done some amazing writing about our book The Very Hungry caterpillar and they also enjoyed acting out the story.