Monthly Archives: March 2023

Recognise 3D shapes

3D shapes are not flat. They have 3 dimensions; length, width and depth. The children were taken round the school in search of 3D shapes and to learn the different properties of each shape.

They also did a cutting activity to sort 3D shapes into groups. They showed a good understanding of this activity.

Super Swans!

All About Minibeasts

The book we are enjoying reading in Reception this week is The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
In Discovery Time we are learning about minibeasts. Minibeasts means small animals; this describes any bug, insect or creepy-crawly. Minibeasts are animals without vertebrae –¬† which means no back bone.

Insects are all around us and the children are having lots of fun learning about them.

They have created some beautiful paintings of butterflies that went up in our classroom on display.

They are also learning about the habitats where they live; on trees, in mud and under rocks. While the children were outside during Discovery Time they made a house for the minibeasts using different equipment such as the large blue bricks. They enjoyed crawling through the tunnel.

They enjoyed investigating different species and sharing bug facts with each other.


Space Invaders

This half term Swans have being learning all about space. They particularly liked playing in the play station when they could dress up as astronauts. They loved doing research on the internet and in books finding out lots of information about famous astronauts and how they spent their time in space.
This week the children have enjoyed making lots of different things about space. They have made split pin astronauts, spaceships and some amazing rockets. They have also  been writing some lovely sentences about space.

Space Explorers

Swans are learning all about space and particularly liked playing in the space station home corner and dressing up in their astronaut suits. They also enjoyed looking at the books and finding out all about famous astronauts and their time in space. They had the chance to watch a video clip of a real space ship taking off and their journey into space. They were really amazed.