Monthly Archives: February 2023


The children are learning all about measurement and length (long, short) and height ( tall, short). They are working with their talk partners using multilink cubes to measure different objects around the classroom. They were encouraged to use the unit of measurement in their answers which was cubes. They were also using the cubes to measure the lengths of the play dough shapes they created.


Mental Health Awareness Week

This week within discovery time the children have completed lots of activities based on communication and emotions as part of Mental Health Awareness week and the theme: Let’s Connect. Swans played games together to build on good communication skills. They were able to sort different picture emotions and labels the. They also had a try at mindfulness painting and mixing colours in pairs. They drew different expressions and emotions.
During Language for Thinking time, the children discussed what makes them happy and different ways to maintain good mental health through communication, healthy lifestyle and staying connected.
We also completed our computing lesson for this half term on safer internet day. In the lesson the children were able to identify different communication devices and how to use these safely within school and at home.