Monthly Archives: June 2022

Once Upon A Time

Jack and the Beanstalk
This week we have started our new topic of Once upon a time… Choosing Jack and the beanstalk as our focus story. At the start of the week, together with Miss Coghlan, all the children created a short story of Jack and the Beanstalk and added their own actions to help them remember. They were incredible at helping Miss Coghlan remember the story and actions all week. During the language for thinking sessions the children explored different vocabulary to use for describing the characters from the story and were able to sequence the story using pictures with simple sentences to summarise.
Discovery time
During independent time the children got creative using Jack and the Beanstalk as their focus. They made playdoh beanstalks, created pictures using and leaves, role played with stick puppets, labelled characters from the story, used cubes to measure and compare different sized beanstalks and recreated the story using stickle bricks.
Empathy Day
To introduce this concept Miss Coghlan went through some of this amazing book about empathy. After discussing what empathy was and how we can show it, the children went through some scenarios. They were asked to discuss how those children might be feeling, have they ever felt like this and what could you do to help.
‘I’ve felt proud like that boy when I got a certificate from dancing’ Beaux
‘I’ve felt upset like that girl when I hurt my leg too’ Evin
‘I could help the worried boy if they want to chat’ Poppy
‘I could tell the sad girl that things will get better’ Ollie S
‘I could ask the lonely girl to come and play’ Lennox
The Swans have been learning all about odd numbers at the start of the week. They are now successfully able to identify odd and even numbers from looking at the amounts and the numerals. They worked super hard during their maths lesson with their partners on this. Then, at the end of the week, they learnt all about positional language and… wow! They were amazing at this! With their partners they played a barrier game of building something using 3 or 4 pieces, described what pieces went where for them to have the same, but there was no peeking allowed. Their language and description of position was fantastic.