Monthly Archives: March 2022

What a wonderful world! Looking at Plants

As part of our topic ‘What a wonderful world!’ during our Language for thinking time this week we have been focusing and learning about plants. The children started their week by learning what a plant needs to grow, moving on to what the parts of the plant are and what their job is. Finally, by the end of the week the children were able to order the life cycle of a plant.
In our continuous provision time, the children took full advantage of the sunshine and did some amazing planting and exploring of plants in our reception outdoor area.
The children enjoyed drawing and labelling flowers independently.
They explored real plants and flowers in the tuff tray with magnify glasses, matching the phase 3 sentences to the correct plant pictures.
The children have also painted fantastic pictures of real-life flowers. Fantastic job Swans!

Infinity and Beyond

This week the Swans have continued their learning focus about space. The children have learnt lots of new facts about our solar system and astronauts. The children have learnt about astronauts from the past (such as Neil Armstrong( and present (astronauts like Tim Peake) within our language for thinking sessions.

During our continuous provision, the children have been busy demonstrating their independent skills by cutting out playdough stars to match a given number, making junk model rockets, and building communication skills with space small world.

At the end of the week the swans did an amazing job making their own star biscuits.