Monthly Archives: February 2022

Number Focus

How many ways to make 7
The swans this week have been focusing on the number 7,8 and 9. They can now identify the number, make the number in a variety of ways.
Independent reading
This week the swans have taken a keen interest in the book area. They have been enjoying lots of authors but especially our focus author Nick Sharratt.
People Who Help Us
As part of our termly topic, we have been learning all about who helps us in school and how. We had a special visit from Mrs Hatfield to tell us all about her role at school and how she helps us.

Children’s Mental Health Week

Mental health Week
As part of the national Children’s Mental Health Week the Swans have been discussing what good mental health is, and if your mental health is not so good what could help.
‘Getting lots of fresh air makes you feel better’ Beaux
‘Eating healthy food makes you feel healthy’ Ollie S
‘Doing exercise gives you energy to feel better’ Kadi
‘Talking to a friend or adult is nice when your sad’ Poppy
We also created our own exercise routine to do if we are feeling low, the children learnt how breathing and doing yoga can improve your mental health. At the end of the week, we discussed and drew pictures of what makes us happy and how to stay focussed on them when we feel down.
Discovery time
This week the Swans have been focussing on applying the phase 2 sounds they have learnt and their numbers 6,7 and 8.

People Who Help Us

This week the Swans have been busy recapping all they know about People Who Help Us in our community. They have continued this theme into their busy time. They have all worked hard using their amazing reading skills to match the High Frequency Words.
They have painted some fantastic pictures of police, firefighters, and ambulances.
They have also worked their socks off in maths learning lots of new language about weight and capacity.
Well done Swans!