Monthly Archives: January 2022


As part of our PSHE today the Swans had a fantastic circle time based on the PANTS Programme from the NSPCC. The children now understand and know all about how to keep themselves safe and what to do if they don’ feel safe. They particularly enjoyed the PANTosaurus song!

People Who Help Us

Swans have been hard at work creating and learning all about the police and firefighters this week. They have used them within the roleplay with their friends and worked together with the bricks to create these big police stations.
We have learnt all about how the police help us:
‘The police catch bad people and put them in prison’ Beaux
‘If you break the law, a set of rules, then you go to jail’ K’Mya
‘Police people help keep us safe’ Kadi

People Who Help Us

People Who Help Us 
For our topic of People Who Help Us, this week the Swans have focused on doctors and nurses. They have demonstrated how to be a good doctor or nurse within the roleplay and have been drawing and labelling their own pictures of ambulances.
Miss Coghlan was amazed at the children’s writing this week! They used their storymakers session to create and write their own stories with the characters being doctors or nurses.
The Swans have continued to work hard with their talk partners in maths, building on their knowledge of numbers within 5 and using this to demonstrate excellent understanding of composition and more/less.