Monthly Archives: October 2021

Marvellous Me – Eyes

This week the Swans have been focusing on our eyes; what they look like, naming parts of the eye and why we need our eyes.

We have set up an opticians’ role play area in the classroom and the children have really enjoyed pretending to be the optician, receptionist or the customer!

Many of our activities in Discovery time have been based on the theme of ‘eyes’. On the Work shop table the children looked at the iris part of their eye and used tissue paper to represent it.

The Swans also enjoyed making a play dough eye using various resources to represent their eye lashes, eyebrows and pupil!

This week on the writing table the Swans have used their phonic knowledge in their Think Writing well done Swans!

Mrs Hill has read us Elmer stories this week and some of our Discovery Time activities have been based on Elmer. The Swans enjoyed colour mixing on the painting table and carefully filling in Elmer’s squares.

Some children decided to complete the Elmer ‘colour by number work sheet showing off their fantastic colouring, number and colour recognition skills!

On the Funky fingers table the Swans were continuing a repeating pattern with the plastic elephants.

On the Light table the Swans decorated ‘Elmer’ with different coloured counters.

Finally, some of the children rose to the challenge of making a bridge for Elmer out of Duplo in the construction area. The challenge was to make it high and wide enough for Elmer to fit under it.

Well done Swans!

As you can see the children have been working really hard in Reception this week!


Marvellous Me! The Skeleton

This week the Swans have been learning about our skeletons. We began with a brain storm in our family groups. We drew around one child in each family group and the children wrote down their ideas using their Think Writing .

During Discovery Time all our activities were based around the skeleton. On the Maths table the Swans used the plastic cubes to measure bones and record how long each bone was using the numbered log pieces and also ordered the characters from the Funny Bones story by size.

On the IPads some children chose to use the paint sparkle program to draw their own skeletons!

The Swans copied the example of a skeleton to create fantastic skeleton paintings.

During phonics this week the children have learned to write the letters s and a. During Discovery time the children practised forming these letters in the blue sand with a paint brush.

On the play dough table the children carefully manipulated the playdough to roll it out and form it into bones. What super skeletons they have made!

The Swans enjoyed putting the jigsaw skeleton together!

On the Work table the children created skeletons using a variety of resources.

Finally the Swans using their Think Writing to decide what the characters from the ‘Funny Bones’ story could be saying!

As you can see we have very busy with our learning this week!


The Colour Monster

This week the Swans have been exploring their emotions and feelings. Mrs Hill read the story ‘The Colour Monster’ to start us off.

The children have a variety of themed activities to choose from and complete during Discovery Time, trying hard to earn as many Dojos as they can. When they have earned 20, they can choose a prize out of the special gold prize box. All the children have worked really hard this week to achieve this goal.

The Colour Monster is confused about his feelings when he is ‘multicoloured’. When he is yellow he feels happy, when he is blue he feels sad, when he is red he feels angry, when he is green he feels calm and chilled, when he is black he feels worried and when he is pink he feels loved.

The children sorted the different coloured objects onto the correct colour sheets.

We made houses for a colour monster on the construction mat. Stickle Bricks were very popular!

On the painting table the children chose the colour they wanted to match how their monster was feeling and used their ‘Think Writing ‘ too!

The children made some fantastic play dough monsters using the resources to add facial features and arms and legs if they chose to. They also told us how their monster was feeling!

We sorted the googly eyes by colour and some of the children counted each eye in the sets and added the correct number. Well done Swans!

On the work shop table the children created their own colour monster using the felt tip pens to add a face.

Finally on the writing table, some of the children chose the colour to match how their monster was feeling. They then coloured it in carefully, cut it out and stuck it onto their piece of paper, writing a sentence using their ‘think Writing’ to describe how their monster was feeling.

As you can see the Swans have been very busy this week!