Monthly Archives: February 2020

Oliver’s Milkshake

This week the children have been learning about milk and why it is good for us. The children know that milk is good for us because it makes our bones, teeth and nails grow strong. They also know that milk contains the vitamin calcium! The children have really grasped that eating healthily and exercising is good for us! They enjoyed playing at the play dough table making healthy hearts!

They have also been busy thinking about Oliver’s trip to the farm and they have been thinking about what fruits they would like to put in their milkshakes. At the workshop table they have been collaging milkshakes and then they have written super sentences about their milkshakes.

The children have also learnt about where milk comes from and they watched Farmer Jack milk his cows by hand and by machine. The children really enjoyed having a go at milking a cow. The laughter from each family group was lovely to hear. The children were certainly enjoying their learning.

We have ended the week with the final group of children going to Sainsbury’s. They went to Sainsbury’s on the number 50 bus, they selected the ingredients for their milkshakes, they scanned the food and paid at the self-checkout, and then they came back to school on the Number 49 bus!

The Bumble Bees family group wanted to make a strawberry and a raspberry milkshake. The Honey Bees family group wanted to make a strawberry and an apple milkshake. As a whole class we also decided to make a banana milkshake.

The children enjoyed making their fruit milkshakes. They thought they were yummy, scrummy, fruity, frothy, icy, nicey, tip top tasty, dreamy, creamy milkshakes!!

As well as learning all about milk, the children have also been busy this week learning all about the numbers 6, 7 and 8. They have been subitising 6, 7 and 8 on a 10s frame, making 6, 7 and 8 in different ways with the Numicon and partitioning 6, 7 and 8 in different ways on our part, part, whole models! What great mathematicians the Swans are!

The children have also been super writers! Here are a few examples of some lovely story writing the children have written. The children have chosen their own characters, settings, problems and solutions and they have used their phonic knowledge to write sentences, making plausible attempts at words. Well done Swans!

Video: Safer Internet Week

This week the children learnt the importance of staying safe on the internet. Mrs Horsley read the children a story called ‘Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story.’ Through the story the children learnt how to use the Internet safely in a fun way!

The story specifically focused upon the safe use of tablets and smartphones. Throughout the story the children were asked their opinions on what Ben should do in each scenario. This initiated lots of discussions about key online safety issues. The children also learnt a catchy song to reinforce the key Internet Safety messages.

Shared Reading

This afternoon the Year 2 students also came into Reception to share the stories they had written about the Antarctic. Each child had a reading buddy with whom they shared their stories with. After reading to several different Reception children the Year 2 children bid us farewell. The Reception children enjoyed having the year 2’s stories being read to them.

Fruit Salad

This week we have been reading ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad.’ We have been weighing fruit, creating fruit monster faces, making a fruit salad out of plasticine and writing about some of our favourite fruits. The children have learnt about how some fruits grow on trees in the UK and some fruits need to grow on trees in hot countries. They have also learnt that some fruit grows on bushes and some fruit grows on small plants in our garden.

The children have also tasted some familiar and some more unusual fruits in our fruit tasting session. All the children tried all of the different types of fruit and as a class we created a bar graph of our results. We discovered that apples, melon, raspberries, pineapple and mango were our favourite fruits.

We have also been on another trip to Sainsbury’s this week and we brought a wide selection of fruit so that we could make our own fruit salad. The children went to Sainsbury’s on the Number 50 bus, they selected the ingredients for their fruit salad and then they scanned the food and paid at the self-checkout. The children came back to school on the school minibus.

Back in the classroom we all worked together to make our own fruit salad. In our fruit salad we had apples, bananas, melon, mango, blueberries, cherries, kiwi, lemons, strawberries and pineapple. It was hard work chopping up all the fruit but the fruit salad tasted lovely. We enjoyed eating the healthy fruits!