Monthly Archives: June 2019

Forest Fun Friday

This week during our Forest school session we took the parachute with us and played a game using different coins. Children had to run underneath the parachute and collect different coins.

Then we scattered some wild flower seeds in the forest and will be watching them grow.

Sports Day

We had a great day for our sports day yesterday. The weather was perfect and there was a great atmosphere. The children really enjoyed themselves.

Children took part in several different activities. They had to roll ball to score a goal and kick a ball to score a goal.

There were three activities where children had to use a bean bag. They had to balance a bean bag on their head, throw a bean bag to score points and a bean bag relay.

Children also took part in a sack race and an egg and spoon race.

The morning was finished off with some running races.


Over the past three weeks we have been learning about different ways to travel and transport. We started off with water travel and made boats. They had to be water proof and float! We raced boats outside.

We read the story ‘who sank the boat?’ by Pamela Allen. Children retold the story during our language for thinking sessions.

Then we looked at land travel and read the books ‘Mr Grumpy’s Motor car’ and ‘The Train Ride’.

We brainstormed all the different ways we could travel on land. We went outside and did a traffic survey. We sat the bank of grass by the front gates of the school and made a tally chart of all the different vehicles we saw go past. Then we went back into the classroom and made a bar graph with the results.

We also made a pictogram of the ways in which we travel to school.

Today children have been painting their boxes ready to turn into cars. These cars will be used for various activities including a car race and drive in movie.

Racing Readers

We have been encouraging children to log on and use Bug Club which is an on line book reading app. It gives us weekly updates as to who has logged on and how many books have been read. It is clear to see the impact it is having on the reading of those children using it. We have made a race track display in the classroom and every child has a picture of themselves driving a little race car. We are trying to encourage all children to use bug club to help their reading and literacy development. For each book they read they will move along the race track with certificates and prizes along the way. At the moment Ryan is racing ahead into the lead position.

Miss Jones would like to say a big thank you for her birthday wishes.