Monthly Archives: February 2019

Video: Chinese New Year

This week the Swans class have been celebrating the Chinese New Year. We watched the celebrations on CBeebies. We thought it would be a good idea to recreate a dragon dance. Each colour group had a go.

The children worked together to create their dragon dance.

Then we put the dragon mask and material in the music area for the children to recreate their own dragon dance and music independently.

Children also learnt the song ‘Gung Hei Fat choy’ which means Happy New Year.

During the week children have participated in various activities linked to our theme. Ryan’s mum very kindly let us borrow some traditional Chinese clothes which some of the children tried on.

On Friday Anren’s mum came into school and shared some traditional Chinese stories with us. The children were very engaged and enjoyed the stories which explained how the Chinese zodiac animals came about. The second story explained how fire crackers came about and their use at Chinese celebrations.

Back to Earth with a Bump!

This week we wrapped up our topic on space and returned to earth with a bump, not before visiting different plants in the galaxy! Children have continued to enjoy using the space themed role play.

Investigated the surface of the moon in the investigation area tuft spot.

Weighing moon rocks in the maths area as well as completing some space themed number problems.

Created works of art on the computer, at the creation station and on the art table.