Monthly Archives: June 2018

Arts Week

For Arts Week we have looked at Van Gough’s famous painting of the Sunflowers. We had a go at painting an observational painting of the sunflowers. We had to look closely at the colours used and the shapes of the flowers. We made sunflowers using straws, paper plates and tissue paper. The Swans also worked collaboratively to create a large collage of the sunflowers. It took us a long time to roll up bits of tissue paper to cover the picture. We were all stickosarauses as we worked.

Trip to the airport

On Wednesday the Swans went to Birmingham Airport. First, we went by coach to the international train station and caught the monorail. We all managed to get in to one car. The mono rail zipped along the track and we were able to see into the distance.

When we got the airport we had to walk up lots and lots of stairs to the flight school. From there we could see for miles. The airport was very busy. We could see planes taking off, landing, refuelling and being cleaned.
Next we went for a walk to the outside viewing area. We could see and hear the aeroplanes taking off and landing. It was very noisy!

Then we went back to the flight school. We drew pictures of the airplanes we could see from the windows.
When we had finished our pictures it was time for lunch.

After lunch we had a quick game of duck, duck, goose as the adults tidied up. Then we went on a scavenger hunt. We had to find a pilot, an air steward, passengers, escalators, baggage/ check in, the arrivals board, a bus and the airport sign to name just a few. We ticked the things we found on our sheet.
We also found Brum the car at the airport.

Before long it was time to get back on the monorail to the coach and then on the coach back to school. It was a tiring day, but we had fun!

Video: Sports day

Today was the early year’s sports day. We were split into teams and went round participating in different activities. Each team member scored points for their team. Then we had some running races. Even the mums and dads had a race! The team with the most points came first, then second and finally third.
I was lots of fun.


This week we started our topic on transport. We began by brainstorming what the children knew and they came up with lots of different forms of transport.

We are concentrating on air travel this week. Children have made aeroplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons at the creation station. We made paper planes and flew them outside to see how far they travelled.
Children made their own passports and travel tickets so they could board the large scale aeroplane that was made outside. The children have been very engaged in the activities.