Monthly Archives: April 2018

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week during our Muddy Monday session we acted out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children were split into groups of 6. First the children collected items from the forest for their props such as a stick for an axe, stones for the beans, pine cones for the Giants money. They were being good imagindocuses as they thought about what they needed.

Then the children gathered around the campfire. Everyone joined in with the sound effects as the adults told the story. Each group took turns to act out the story, using one of the trees as the beanstalk!

Fee, Fi, Fum, Foo, I have lost my shoe…

As part of our theme we have been measuring lots of different things in and around the classroom. The giant left some foot prints behind and the children measured them with unfix cubes to see how big they were. We also looked to see how big the giant’s foot was to the children’s. We could fit a few children’s feet and shoes into the giants footstep.

Investigating signs of spring!

On Monday afternoons we get dressed up in our waterproofs and wellies and head out to the forest school for ‘Muddy Mondays’. This week we began by playing eye spy to help us use our eyes to observe change. Then we went off with a magnifying glass to have a closer look to see what had changed in the forest school.

We saw buds and some leaves on the trees and flowers such as daisies growing on the ground. Then we made an observational drawing of something we had seen.

Guide dog visit

This week we had a visit from John the guide dog. His owner Sal was away on business giving John a well-earned holiday with Karen who very kindly bought John in to see us. John is a working dog and we found out that it takes a long time to train a guide dog, over a year! Guide dogs help their blind owners to get around and keep them safe from hazards. John only eats his food from a certain bowl and only after a whistle is blown. This is so he isn’t distracted by food and forgets he is working. When guide dogs are working it is important that they don’t become distracted! If we see a dog with a harness on that shows it is a working dog we should never pat it as it is doing a job and should not be distracted! As with all dogs, we should ask the owner if it is ok to pat the dog.

How tall?

This week as part of our Jack and the Beanstalk theme we measured ourselves to see how tall we were. We put ourselves into height order. Helen was the tallest and Jason was the shortest. Lots of children have grown since the last time we did this. We used a piece of wool the same length as our height to measure different things around the classroom to see if we could find things taller, shorter or the same size as us.