Monthly Archives: February 2018

Muddy Monday activities

This week the aliens left us a letter to say that they’d flown by our school and accidentally dropped some items off their space ship into the forest school. They really wanted the items back and needed our help!

They asked the children to hunt for magnetic items that would stick to their planet. Armed with magnets, children went off to search for things that were magnetic. They found quite a few things in and around the school environment. The items were left in the playground for the aliens to collect!

Safer Internet Week

This week we looked at a PowerPoint story ‘Buddy the dog’s internet safety story’. Children discussed the story and how to stay safe on the internet. We also attended this week’s assembly run by Mr Baddhan and our school’s Digital Council. Millie won a prize for her design of an emoji. Well done Millie.

Aliens Love Underpants

As part of our space topic we looked at the book ‘Aliens love Underpants!’ this week. The children thought it was funny that the aliens like to come to earth to take underpants off the washing line. There was lots of discussion to be had about where aliens live, what they might look like and how they don’t come inside to take your underpants!

Children were involved in a number of activities related to our theme including having a go at writing their own class story, finding alien words around the classroom, counting aliens, describing aliens, painting aliens, matching patterned underpants and making flying saucers at the creation station. We finished off the week by wearing our underpants over our clothes like the aliens!

Muddy Monday

This week during our muddy Monday session we went for a walk with magnifying glasses to investigate the world we live in… Earth! Children were encouraged to take a close look at both manmade and natural elements around them. We discussed what they saw or found and then they were encouraged to draw pictures of their findings during discovery time.