Monthly Archives: November 2017

Guided reading

Children have been working really hard during our guided reading sessions. We have six groups; The Pirates, The wizards, The Elves, The Forest Animals, The Giants and The Aliens (all characters you might find in a story) of five children all working on a set task. We rotate around the tasks during the session. The tasks include; reading with a teacher, working on writing, working on phonics, listening to a story, reading to self, using the eye spy sticks to find words or sounds in the book and using the ipads to play a memory, phonics or sight word game.

Wedding Bells

This week our focus has been all about weddings. There has been lots of discussion about what happens at a wedding, who are the important people at a wedding and the role they play. Children have chosen a role they would like to play for our class wedding next week. Watch this space for photos of our wedding!

Anti-bullying Week

This week we read the story ‘Digi Duck’ to help us understand about internet safety. We also introduced the concept of Warm and Fuzzies to the children. We talked about what makes a good friend and how we treat others. Children caught being a good friend or showing kindness to someone else they were given a warm and fuzzy (fluffy pompom) to put into the fish bowl. Once the bowl is full the children will be rewarded.

Kippers Birthday

This week we have been continuing with our theme about Birthday celebrations. We read the book ‘Kippers birthday’ and spent the week planning a party for Kipper, thinking about what we thought Kipper might like. In the story Kipper was turning 5 like the children in Reception. He made and sent out invitations to all his friends in his class at school. Our children choose a friend in the class to write and send an invitation to. They have also been involved in planning a party, thinking about the food and games that would be eaten and played.

We have written lists, made birthday cards, wrapped presents and come up with party games to play.
During our language for thinking sessions we have made jelly. Some children remembered the language from last week like dissolved, melt, solid and liquid. We also made cupcakes which the children really enjoyed making.

The week was finished off with a party to celebrate Kippers birthday.

Everyone had lots of fun!