Monthly Archives: July 2017

Birmingham Airport trip

On Tuesday 11th July the Swans went to Birmingham Airport. The children travelled by coach to Birmingham International and they caught the monorail into Birmingham Airport. Once at the airport the children had exclusive access to the Flight School. The children were able to watch the aeroplanes land and take off and they drew some lovely observational drawings.

In the main terminal the children took part in an ‘I Spy’ session and they were extremely good at finding all the main features of an airport such as the check in desks, the arrival and departure boards, the suitcase conveyor belts, escalators, flight steps etc. They even saw some flight attendants and pilots. The outside viewing area enabled the children to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the aeroplanes.

The children had a lovely time at Birmingham airport. It was a great experience for the children and it brought to life all the learning they had done in the classroom.

Life cycle of a butterfly

Over the past few weeks the Swans have been looking after 5 caterpillars. The miracle of metamorphosis has been amazing to witness up close.

At first our caterpillars were very small.

Then they began to grow and grow.

After a while the caterpillars stopped eating and they hung themselves upside down from the lid of the pot. The children were fascinated when they began to spin a silky cocoon around themselves.

Once inside their protective casing, the caterpillars then radically transformed themselves and it was very exciting when they emerged as a Painted Lady butterflies.

After a few days in our special butterfly garden it was time to release our butterflies outside. At first the butterflies were reluctant to fly away but eventually they did. The children were very excited when they flew up into the sky. Now every time they see a butterfly they excitedly shout, “there’s one of our butterflies!”