Monthly Archives: March 2017

Jack and the Beanstalk

This week the children have continued to learn about measures through the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children have made some short and tall beanstalks at the workshop table. The children have shown me that they can be great solveosaurus’ because they encountered a few difficulties making their beanstalks but they persevered to find their own solutions. The children have also made castles using the 3D blocks and using the multilink and unifix cubes they have made the characters from the story.

The children have also enjoyed watching the Foundation Staff retell the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and they have loved retelling the story themselves at the small world table, at the puppet theatre and in our new role play area.

The children have also been fantastic artists this week. They have painted some lovely pictures around the story of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk.’ The children experimented with colour mixing and they tried to choose colours for effect.

The children have also been fantastic writers. They have written labels for the pictures they have painted, they have written labels for the models they have made and some children have written out the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. Wow!

The children have also completed a range of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ Maths activities such as finding the missing numbers up the beanstalk, adding beanstalk leaves and beans, solving more and less than a number on a bean and they have been measuring themselves and beanstalks against the characters from the story. It has been a very busy productive week!

Measure Mania

This week we have continued to learn how to measure using standard and non-standard units. We have been very busy measuring our feet and different pairs of shoes. The children measured their feet using a number sizing chart and we pretended we were having our feet measured in a shoe shop. The children were measuring their feet to see if their feet would fit the shoes hidden in the mystery shoe box! The children also measured different shoes using cubes. They learnt the importance of using a starting line and they had to measure carefully to ensure that the towers of cubes were exactly the same size as each shoe.

The children have also been measuring themselves this week. Some children went into the big playground and measured how tall they were using the height chart on the wall. Some children measured how tall they were using the crates in the outdoor classroom and some children measured how tall they were using the extra large duplo bricks in the classroom. The children are now beginning to use the language of tall, taller and tallest and short, shorter and shortest.

Continuing with the ‘Elves and the Shoemaker’ theme the children have developed their colour mixing skills this week. They were given the primary colours and they had to colour mix the primary colours to make new colours. The children then used their new colours to paint shoes with great care and concentration.

The children have also drawn their favourite shoes in the iPads, choosing colours for effect and they have written some super sentences about their favourite shoes.

The children have also been looking at the different types of shoes they wear to school. The children placed their photo next to Velcro shoes, lace up shoes, buckle shoes and zip up shoes. This built up into a pictogram. The children then talked about the pictogram and discussed why most children tended to wear Velcro shoes rather than buckle or lace ups to school.

The children then discussed how shoes are made and they selected different materials they thought would be suitable to make a pair of trainers, a pair of slippers or a pair of wellington boots. The children chose soft materials for the trainers, fluffy materials for the slippers and plastic materials for the wellington boots. The children were able to give reasons for their choices.

Elves and the Shoemaker

This week, continuing our topic on measures, the children have enjoyed hunting for elves and shoes in the forest and the classroom and they have enjoyed receiving teeny tiny messages. The children have loved the teeny tiny footprints around the classroom and the elf door was a big surprise.

The children decided to write teeny tiny messages back to the elves and they tried very hard to make the elves some teeny tiny clothes.

The children have worked very hard this week being super shoemakers themselves. They have designed, measured and decorated their own shoes. The children have been totally engrossed in the whole process and they demonstrated super problem solving skills. Their shoes are beautiful.

The children have also hot seated the shoemaker and his wife. They asked lots of super questions and the children pretending to be the shoemaker and his wife were very good at answering in role!

The children were also very good at retelling the story at the puppet theatre using the story spoons and they were super at solving elf addition sums. The children have also taken a keen interest in weighing shoes using the balance scales and cubes. Their mathematical language is developing well. It was been another exciting and productive week in the Swans class.

The Enormous Turnip

This week has been the start of our topic on Measures. We have begun this topic by reading the story ‘The Enormous Turnip.’ The children have had great fun using our small world characters to verbally retell the story and they have enthusiastically joined in with all of the repeated refrains.

The children have also demonstrated how much progress they have made in phonics this week as they are now applying that knowledge in their own writing. Here some children have written either part of or all of the Enormous Turnip story.

The children have also painted some beautiful turnips. The children really looked at the turnips carefully and they colour mixed and matched very well, choosing colours for effect.

The children also decided to draw pictures of the farmer and his turnip on the IWB and they have been very good at navigating the BeeBot around a course of turnips.

In Family Groups the children have discussed alternative endings. They have discussed other ways that the farmer could have pulled out the enormous turnip. The children were very imaginative!

The children then went on to think of their own version of the Enormous Turnip story. The red family group made up a story entitled ‘The Gigantic Broccoli’ and the yellow family group made up a story entitled ‘The Enormous Onion.’ Both stories had similarities to the original story but were also very different too. Watch the videos. Which story is your favourite? Why?