Monthly Archives: February 2017

Writing sentences

This week the children have also shown how much progress they have made with their writing. They are now using all of the phonics that they have been taught and they are able to write some lovely sentences about the different things that they have made as well as being able to write some wonderful text messages to Bob, our Man on the Moon.

Making rockets

Back in the classroom the children decided that they wanted to make rockets. Most of the children made rockets using our recyclable materials. These children chose their resources appropriately and they thought carefully about how they could add windows, doors and flames to their rockets.

Other children decided to make rockets using the Tap Tap. They used hammers and nails with good control and coordination. They had to persevere to make the tap tap shapes fit together properly to make a rocket shape.

Some children decided to make rockets using 2D shapes. Again this activity required the children to persevere as it was quite tricky to make the rocket shapes.

Planetarium visit

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the planetarium. They learnt all about how the big bear constellation appeared in the sky, as well as more facts about each of the planets in our solar system. It was truly a magical experience and all the children couldn’t stop talking about it in class afterwards.


The children are loving our topic on Space. They began our topic by learning all about the planets. The children sung songs to learn facts about each planet and they collaged and painted the planets, choosing their own resources and selecting colours for effect.

The children have also learnt about the constellations in the night sky. They have studied common constellations such as the big bear as well as trying to make up their own constellations using sequins.

Being a good friend on the internet

As part of our Safer Internet Week, the children in Reception have listened to the story ‘Digiduck’s Big Decision.’ This is a story about being a good friend to others on the internet, and thinking about your friends&’ feelings online. The children discussed how they use the internet both at home and at school and they talked about how they can keep themselves and their friends safe online.