Monthly Archives: January 2017

Chinese New Year

We have had lots of fun in Reception this week celebrating Chinese New Year. The children have learnt all about how Chinese people prepare for Chinese New Year, how they celebrate Chinese New Year and why they celebrate. The children have loved the Chinese Zodiac story and they thought it was very funny that they were born in the year of the Rabbit or the year of the Dragon. The children have also learnt that this year it is the year of the Rooster. They have tried very hard to draw roosters!

The children have also enjoyed painting dragon masks. They have concentrated very well as they have selected their colours carefully and they have tried to stay within the lines.

The children have sequenced numbers to 10 and 20 to build a dragon picture using the Duplo Lego bricks, they have threaded numbers to 10 and 20 using coloured beads and they have sequenced numbers on the computers. They have also learnt to add numbers this week.

The children have also worked extremely hard making paper chain Chinese dragons. It was very tricky but the children worked independently and showed great perseverance.

This week the children have been fascinated by Chinese writing and they soon discovered that it was very difficult to write in Chinese! They did try to write the word rooster, the numbers 1-10 and Happy New Year in their own Chinese New Year cards.

The children have enjoyed following Chinese traditions this week and they prepared our Home Corner for Chinese New Year. They have swept and polished our Home Corner thoroughly!

The children have also put money in red Hong Bows, they have played with Chinese food and plates in the sand and made their name out of magnetic letters (once they had found them in the rice and picked them out using chopsticks!)

The children have also tried to eat tradition Chinese food such as prawn crackers, egg noodles and sweet and sour sauce using chopsticks. The children really enjoyed this activity!

Toys and Games

This week we have continued our topic on Toys and Games. We have concentrated upon playing games from the past. It has been lovely to witness so much co-operative play, lovely sharing of resources and super turn taking. The children have really enjoyed playing marbles, pick up sticks and tiddly winks


The children have also been set challenges this week. Each day they were given the opportunity to make up games of their own. Some games were very tricky and they took a lot of problem solving and perseverance.

The children made their own marble runs out of Lego.

The children made their own skittles. They labelled the skittles with numbers, graphemes, tricky words and digraphs.

The children made their own noughts and crosses out of play dough.

The children made their own snakes and ladders games. This was the most difficult challenge of the week!

Toys – Old and New

Since starting back at school after Christmas the children have been very busy learning all about Toys, both old and new. The children have been playing with lots of toys in the classroom and they have turn taking, sharing and playing cooperatively with their friends.

The children have also been creating their own toy catalogues of new toys. They looked carefully through catalogues looking for toys that they would like to play with.

In Language for Thinking we talked a lot about the similarities and the differences between old and new toys. Mrs Hill, Mrs Murphy and Mrs Horsley brought in toys from their childhood for us to look at.

The children also tried to draw the toys from the past. They had to look at the toys very closely and concentrate very hard. We think they did a good job!