Monthly Archives: November 2016

Kipper’s Birthday

This week as well as practising our Nativity, the Swans having been learning about birthday parties. We began the week by talking about our own birthdays, birthday parties we had been to and what happens at a birthday party. On Tuesday we received an invitation to Kipper’s 5th Birthday party.


The children were very excited and they quickly got to work planning the party. The children planned what to wear, what to eat, what games would be played, how the classroom was going to be decorated and they even remembered that kipper would need a birthday card and present!

Everybody made Kipper a birthday card and all the children tried really hard to write a birthday message inside the card.

On Friday the children were very excited about going to Kipper’s birthday party. At the party they danced, played lots of games and ate lots of party food.

The children loved meeting Kipper.

They gave Kipper their birthday cards and presents. They also gave Kipper a cake and sang him ‘Happy Birthday.’

The party ended with a class conga!

The Toys’ Party

This week we have been looking at a party celebration. We have based our learning around the storybook ‘The Toys’ Party.’ We have been very busy writing party invitations. We have written invitations to our own toys.

We have also changed our role play area to a toys’ party. The children have really enjoyed setting up the party room and having a tea party with a selection of toys.

The children have been busy making party hats. They have also been making lots of play dough birthday cakes and sequencing party hats and birthday hats to 20.

The children have also tasted Kipper’s cake. The children thought Kipper’s cake ingredients were hilarious! They decided to make Kipper’s cake and taste it! They put in cornflakes, jam, baked beans, sugar, tomato sauce and milk. Some children loved it and licked the bowl clean, others were not so keen!

We ended the week with a toys’ party. We all brought in our favourite toys and we had a party. We played some games, we danced and we ate some party food. Lots of fun was had by everyone!

Video: Our e-Safety song

The children have been learning about e-Safety this week as part of our anti-bullying week of activities. The children have been learning about how to keep safe online. The children now know that if they see an unfamiliar pop up, receive an unkind message online or load a website that is not suitable for them to be playing on then they must tell an adult. Listen to our song which reminds us what to do!

Diwali Celebrations

This week the children have been learning all about the festival of Light, Diwali, celebrated by the Hindu and Sikh community. The children began the week by listening to the story of Rama and Sita. This inspired some children to draw the characters from the story on paper, others to draw Sita on the ipads, some children wanted to build Ravana (the ten headed demon king) outside using the large construction bricks and some children really enjoyed dressing up in traditional Indian clothing.

The children also made Diva lamps out of play dough.

They loved making Rangoli patterns.

The children also demonstrated that they were a Tryceratops this week when they made their own Diwali Lanterns independently! Well done children.

The children enjoyed creating their own beautiful Mendhi pattern designs.

They have also been very busy ordering numbered diva lamps, making Diwali cards and going on a Diva lamp word hunt.

This week the children were also very lucky because Dylan’s Mum came into school to tell the children how her family celebrate Diwali. She showed the children some Diva lamps, a model of a god and some super photos of Dylan and his brother, Ryan, celebrating Diwali. She explained to the children the traditions that her family have at Diwali time and the children all thought that Dylan and Ryan look very smart in their new clothes that they were given for the Diwali celebrations. A big thank you to Dylan’s Mum!

Poetry Performances

The children have been poets this week. We began by learning a poem that Mrs Hill had written and we devised our own actions. The children then performed their versions of the poem to each family group. The children then devised their own poems about fireworks. Once again the children thought of their own actions and they performed their poems to each family group. I hope you agree the children are performed their poems fantastically.