Monthly Archives: October 2016

Pizza Express


On Thursday we really enjoyed visiting Pizza Express. It was a very exciting day. The children pretended to be chefs and wore special aprons and hats. It was so much fun making the pizza bases and adding the toppings. The chefs at Pizza Express thought that the children were extremely well behaved and they also commented on how well the children listened and followed instructions. The children took the pizzas home for tea and they really enjoyed eating them. Some children even shared their pizzas with their family!


This week we have been learning all about our sense of taste. Our learning has been based around the story ‘The Little Red Hen makes a pizza’ and we have been busy making the characters from the story on our workshop table.

We have also been making imaginary pizzas and counting our toppings.

We have also been taking pizza delivery orders!


In our outdoor area we also delivered pizzas to different numbered houses. Some children delivered pizzas on foot, some delivered pizzas by bike and Charlie delivered his pizzas on a horse!

We have been learning about our taste buds too. We tried different tastes. Some were sour, some were salty and some were sweet. Can you tell which tastes we enjoyed?

We also really enjoyed making pizzas in the classroom. We talked in detail about how to make a pizza. We wrote down and then followed our instructions. The children really enjoyed instruction number 8!

Germs Experiment


Our experiment worked! The bread that Mrs Hill touched with clean hands took the longest to go mouldy. The bread that Mrs Hill dropped on the floor went mouldy quite quickly and looks revolting. The bread that the whole class touched with their dirty hands went very mouldy extremely quickly! Yuk! We have definitely learnt the importance of washing our hands!

Exploring textures


As well as making numbers with our smelly strawberry play dough we have been exploring textures in peppermint flavoured play dough. The children have also explored eight smell pots. The smell pots provoked a lot of discussion! Some smells the children thought were lovely especially the chocolate and mint and others were a bit whiffy especially the garlic and the tripe!

Writing our numbers



This week we have begun to learn how to write our numbers. We have been learning some songs and used some marbles on number roll boards to help us with formation and we have been making numbers and quantities in smelly play dough. We have also begun to understand the oneness of one, the ‘twoness’ of two etc.

Think writing

The children have also had a go at doing some think writing this week. Some of the children’s think writing is made up of lines and squiggles, and some of the children’s think writing is beginning to contain some letters. The children are also becoming more confident at ascribing meaning to their writing. ‘That’s not my bunny rabbit because his ears are not fluffy.’ (Havana) ‘That’s not my snake because it’s tongue is too fuzzy. That’s not my dog because it’s head is too soft. This is my parrot because it’s head is just right.’ (Charlie)



Touch and Smell

This week we having being learning about our sense of touch and smell. We have been exploring our touch sensors this week and had lots of fun discovering which parts of our body were more sensitive to the touch. We have also explored lots of different textures. We have felt and described different objects with our hands and again with socks on our hands. Hiding our touch sensors made it difficult to work out what objects were. With blindfolds on we have also felt and described different objects. We have also sorted objects according to their texture.

Using the books ‘That’s not my…’ as our inspiration the children have collaged different textures on   elephants. The children were very good at telling Mrs Hill:

‘That’s not my elephant because it is too fluffy.’ (Mila)

‘That’s not my elephant because it is too bumpy.’ (Frankie-Moe)

‘That’s not my elephant because it is too poppy.’ (Amaya)

‘That’s not my elephant because it is too woolly.’ (Tanatswa)

‘That’s not my elephant because it is too soft.’ (Jessica)